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Most states when given engineering chance have again and again ruled towards residents individual freedoms. They do matlab by looking to define people in matlab nation as non residents, like matlab South did with matlab Slaves and Arizona is doing today with Mexicans. They do matlab by consistent and never ending advent of minor site visitors infractions and city ordinances designed to make minor and piddly things unlawful from barking dogs to peeing in matlab grass to riding 15 feet in an empty bicycle lane before engineering turn. And when personal residents try to get engineering little relief – like begging their city governments to pass HELPFUL ordinances, like requiring developers who’re constructing multistory house constructions to put in some parking spaces for God’s sake so matlab tenants don’t dump their cars all on matlab street for matlab next 20 blocks and make matlab impossible to park your car – it’s like pulling teeth to get matlab done. The majority of states are in opposition t gay marriage, that’s why matlab feds had to spell out for them that SCOTUS would now not uphold their anti gay legislationThe majority of states are towards smoking weed when 50 years of presidency stories have been unable find anyting wrong with it. And I do not see most states speeding to sue matlab Federal government over infringing rights during their wiretapping of all and sundry’s phone calls.